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Mike is a co-founder and CEO of Conflict International. He managed the successful merger between two London based investigation agencies back in 2008. Conflict International has grown to become a global leader in intelligence and international investigations with its head office in Central London and local offices in the US, Spain and Cyprus.

Mike is a well-known international investigator having operated in the private sector for over 25 years. In October 2017, he was elected as President of the World Association of Detectives which is the oldest and largest global association of its kind in the world with 1,000 investigators listed in over 80 countries. In 2018, and for the first time in the history of the association, Mike was unanimously voted by the Board of Directors as the Chairman of the World Association of Detectives for three consecutive terms.

Mike is a member of numerous industry associations around the world and has, on several occasions, been internationally recognised in the investigation sector with awards including the prestigious WAD Investigator of the Year Award at their annual conference in Bucharest in 2016, and The Richard-Jacques Turner Award for Excellence at the Association of British Investigators AGM in Wales in 2019.

He specialises in project managing complex international investigations utilising various methods and investigation strategies, remaining within local laws and presenting professional, admissible intelligence reports to international clients.

Mike is an extremely approachable, hands-on, well-respected international investigator who has appeared in numerous international press and media articles.

Mike LaCorte

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