Tayo Dada

Position: Head of Cyber Security
Location: Central London

About Tayo Dada

Tayo Dada joined Conflict International in 2022 as Head of Cyber Security, where he leverages his expertise in blockchain technology to secure digital financial systems. A dedicated innovator with multiple patents in AI, Blockchain, and Cyber Security, he remains ahead of the curve within this rapidly changing field.

Professional Background

Tayo brings a wealth of experience as an IT consultant, specialising in IT security, infrastructure, and GDPR compliance. He has a proven track record of leading high-profile IT architecture projects, delivering results on time and within budget. His strategic planning and risk management skills make him a valuable leader in the industry.

Project Highlights

A passionate advocate for responsible technology, Tayo shares his cybersecurity and GDPR expertise through public speaking engagements, promoting a safer digital world.


  • Cyber Security
  • Blockchain Technology
  • IT Infrastructure
  • GDPR Compliance
Tayo Dada
Contact Information
+44 (0)20 7917 2939