Mark Stratford

Position: Head of Technical Operations
Location: Central London

About Mark Stratford

Mark Stratford leads Technical Operations at Conflict International. With expertise in technical surveillance solutions, he specialises in trackers, data acquisition, field operations, TSCM, and covert CCTV installations. Mark excels at developing cost-effective, innovative surveillance and counter-surveillance solutions for complex situations, giving Conflict International a decisive edge.

Professional Background

Mark brings over 30 years of experience in the technical security sector to his current role. Before leading operations at Conflict International, he honed his skills as an in-house expert for a major UK telecommunications supplier. His work encompassed threat assessment, vulnerability analysis, and the development of robust security protocols.

Mark’s technical proficiency spans a broad range of domains, including network security, encryption protocols, secure communication, and data acquisition. This in-depth knowledge allows him to design and implement tailored, cutting-edge security solutions.

Project Highlights

Mark spearheaded a security transformation for a major telecom company. His in-depth audit and implementation of advanced protocols significantly reduced cyberattack vulnerability, protecting critical customer data.


  • TSCM
  • Surveillance
  • Counter-Surveillance
Conflict International Team Member
Contact Information
+44 (0)20 7917 2939