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Kim Kardashian: Reality Star Turned Private Investigator

Private detective work isn’t just for detectives anymore, especially when it comes to the reality TV personality turned millionaire marketer and socialite, Kim Kardashian. In this past week’s episode of Kim and sister, Kourtney Kardashian’s show, Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, Kim professes her dreams of being a detective. In light of her aspirations she invites over friend of Larsa Pippen (Real Housewives of Miami star), Jake Schmidt, a private detective. When Schmidt and his team arrives Kim says, “My father was an attorney so I would see different things go on and so I have always had an interest.” She goes on to admit, “I think I can be like a detective, I can really investigate like a boyfriend.”

With Schmidt and his partners on hand Kim’s dreams become reality. She gets to check out some sophisticated spyware such as a periscope, 180 degree view glasses and a lighter that doubles as a knife. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Kim gets more than she bargained for when Schmidt invites her to be a part of their attempt to solve a case involving a young girl named Fara who has run away from home, pro bono.

The team starts by talking to Fara’s family and then begins to zero in on rumoured boyfriend. Of course Kim was thrilled with the assignment she had been thrown into confessing, “There is nothing more I love in life than to spy on people.” With the help of Kim, the team of Private Investigators track down photos and information on boyfriend, Jake, and to much dismay they find that he is possibly running a prostitution ring. With as much information as they could find, the team hands the case over to law enforcement and as the episode unfolds, Jake and his team congratulate Kim on a job well done.

While Kim may have stunned the team on her PI work her true colours shine when she is in the limelight. We’ll leave it to Kim, but it’s safe to say that the multimillionaire mogul will stick to her profession and keep the private investigator work to the professionals.

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