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When you have suspicions that something isn’t quite right, the need to know the truth becomes the most important factor. You need our award-winning private investigators to uncover the whole picture.

Conflict International is a London based company with an extensive network of professional private investigators based in most jurisdictions worldwide, enabling us to conduct international investigations cost effectively and efficiently. Our headquarters are in Central London with auxiliary offices in the USA, Marbella and Cyprus and the ability to mobilise a team of bespoke private investigators at very short notice.

Our experts have decades of experience in working with companies, individuals and banks to provide a range of bespoke investigation and intelligence services including surveillance, asset tracing, assistance in matrimonial and child custody matters, vetting and pre-employment screening and travel risk management.

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Minimise threats and secure your privacy with advanced surveillance expertise.


Comprehensive due diligence services that empower informed business strategies.


Future-proof your business with proactive risk management and strategic intelligence.


View our full range of surveillance, intelligence, private investigator and security services.


Build a trustworthy, high-performing team with our rigorous pre-employment screening.


Shield your digital assets with advanced cyber defences and threat intelligence.


Discreet, expert investigations protect your privacy and resolve delicate matters with care.


Strategic investigation services for businesses and legal professionals seeking clarity and resolution.


Tailored security solutions designed to safeguard your assets and ensure peace of mind.

Our investigation, surveillance and risk management services

As a leading global private investigations agency we have the experience and expertise to achieve the results and evidence you need in minimal timescales.

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Asset Protection & Recovery

Conflict International offers an integrated suite of services to identify, secure, and recover assets both domestically and internationally.

Our Approach:

Asset Protection: Our approach to asset protection extends beyond traditional physical security measures. We begin with a thorough risk assessment to identify potential vulnerabilities for your unique assets. Based on this analysis, we implement tailored solutions, from advanced surveillance and secure storage to discreet transport monitoring. Additionally, we proactively defend your reputation and intellectual property, safeguarding these intangible assets that are essential to your success.

Private Security

Conflict International can deploy a close protection private security team almost anywhere in the world.

If you think you need security or are being followed, spied on or bugged, our tailored security and surveillance techniques can offer invaluable peace of mind for yourself or your loved ones.

Our experienced private investigators have decades of experience operating in some of the world’s most hostile environments. We can couple discreet close protection with surveillance allowing you to go about your business as normally as possible.

Close Protection

Conflict International’s close protection specialist team can operate just about anywhere in the world, including some of the most hostile environments.

Our high degree of skill and proficiency has been gained with decades of experience in surveillance and close protection. It is invaluable for anyone who may be concerned about their own or their family’s security but would still like to lead a relatively normal life.

Conflict International’s dedicated protective surveillance team can provide an unobtrusive security screen and remain unseen while still ensuring peace of mind.

Background Checks

Conflict International delivers in-depth background checks to provide the information you need for confident decision-making about individuals and businesses.

Individual Investigations:

We provide thorough employment verification, confirming past positions and dates.  For sensitive positions of trust, we delve deeper into lifestyle and financial analysis, uncovering potential red flags such as excessive debt or undisclosed assets. Our background check services also support family law cases by providing means of testing and other relevant information for legal proceedings.