Penetration Testing

Testing your defences for ultimate security

The only way to truly assess your IT infrastructure’s security posture is with a Penetration Test (Pen test).  Go beyond vulnerability scans with Conflict International’s expert simulations of real-world attack vectors. We test your network’s ability to detect, respond, and mitigate advanced threats.

Uncover hidden weaknesses overlooked by automated scanners. We meticulously analyse likely attack surfaces, employing sophisticated techniques to exploit potential entry points and expose blind spots in your defences.

Breach analysis is critical. Our Pen testing recreates attack chains, pinpointing the intrusion method and ensuring the effectiveness of updated controls, to prevent those same attacks from reoccurring.

Our comprehensive reports don’t just list vulnerabilities; they provide actionable recommendations to enhance your cybersecurity posture. We pinpoint areas for hardening, recommend defence-in-depth strategies, and even help you prioritise remediation efforts based on risk level.

Gain the confidence that only rigorous testing can provide. Contact us for a confidential penetration testing consultation.

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