International Employee Screening

Global background screening and pre-employment checks

Conflict International Screening enables you to make informed hiring decisions on a global scale.

Our UK-based expertise and extensive network of verified partners deliver culturally sensitive, accurate, and legally compliant pre-employment checks around the world.

We tailor our screening process to meet the specific requirements of different countries and industries. Our access to reliable global data sources verifies candidate information, confirms employment history, validates skills and qualifications, and reveals potential red flags. This approach reduces risks associated with bad hires and safeguards your organisation’s reputation.

Why choose us for global background checks?

We offer a seamless background screening experience regardless of your recruitment location. Our global expertise and commitment to reliability ensure consistent service quality. Our thorough checks provide the peace of mind that comes from making informed decisions based on verified data.

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How we can help

Bespoke international employee screening

The content of an international background check can be customised to suit your specific requirements. CI Screening can create tailored packages to meet your unique needs.

Our experienced team can talk through the areas you would like to be investigated to ensure your peace of mind. Please get in touch today for a confidential, no obligation chat.

Many factors to choose from

At CI Screening we can typically investigate the following, subject to availability:

  • Criminal record checks
  • Verification of education
  • Verification of employment and professional references
  • Credit checks to determine financial integrity

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