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Securing your interests during transition

Departing employees, especially those joining competitors, can pose a significant risk to your business. Conflict International’s lifestyle assessments uncover hidden activities and provide actionable insights to protect your interests.

When a key employee departs, particularly to a competitor, they may still have access to confidential information, client lists, or intellectual property.  Our comprehensive lifestyle assessments go beyond the limitations of gardening leave to help you mitigate these risks.

Through a combination of discreet techniques, we gather valuable intel about a departing employee’s activities during their notice period. This may include desktop research, inquiries with relevant sources, and where necessary, covert surveillance.

Our investigations can reveal activities that compromise your business interests. For instance, we can uncover attempts to download or remove sensitive data, solicit clients or staff to join them at a new company or prepare to launch a competing business using your confidential knowledge.

By understanding the departing employee’s plans and activities, you can take proactive steps to protect your company’s sensitive information and future business prospects.

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