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Defender Sports Due Diligence

Defender Sports Due Diligence

Conflict International are globally recognised purveyors of business intelligence, due diligence and security services in the worlds of commerce, industry and elite sport.

With over two decades of experience working with some of the largest sporting conglomerates in the world, we understand better than most the importance and value of brand protection. Our services include a ground breaking multi-faceted appraisal process specifically designed to safeguard reputations in professional sport.

Why Defender Sports Due Diligence?

Player recruitment within professional sport has never been more data driven. A prospective players’ performance and ability is now constantly measured to the point that on-field credentials and value can be readily measured.

Less understood are the off-field social and familial factors and behaviours that could impact upon the reputation of the investing club and the players themselves.

How it works

We dovetail the talents of three existing Conflict International departments to create probably the most complete risk analysis service ever offered to the global sports industry.

By combining the expertise of our international in-house Pre Employment Vetting analysts with our Sports Security team and local and international physical investigation ‘boots on the ground’ based network, we believe we offer the most comprehensive due diligence analysis package available.

To discuss a particular case or our services, please contact our London head office by calling +44 (0)20 7917 2939 or email us. Clients in the US can call +1-212-710-5919.

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Defender Sports Due Diligence investigation services

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To discuss how we can assist with an issue, contact us now in confidence.

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