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Comprehensive Asset Protection, Tracing, and Recovery

Conflict International offers an integrated suite of services to identify, secure, and recover assets both domestically and internationally. Whether you’re safeguarding valuables, pursuing hidden assets in complex disputes, or need to verify financial holdings, our expert team provides the solutions you require.

Our Approach:

Asset Protection: Our approach to asset protection extends beyond traditional physical security measures. We begin with a thorough risk assessment to identify potential vulnerabilities for your unique assets. Based on this analysis, we implement tailored solutions, from advanced surveillance and secure storage to discreet transport monitoring. Additionally, we proactively defend your reputation and intellectual property, safeguarding these intangible assets that are essential to your success.

Asset Tracing: When assets disappear, we employ a strategic, multi-layered approach. Our forensic accountants meticulously analyse financial trails, tracing complex asset transfers and uncovering hidden holdings. We leverage our global network of investigators to navigate jurisdictional complexities and track assets internationally. Extensive research, combining open-source intelligence with targeted investigations, uncovers true ownership and provides the evidence you need.

Asset Searches: Our comprehensive asset searches support clients in a wide range of legal disputes. We adapt our methodology to locate diverse asset types, combining cutting-edge technology with traditional investigative techniques and industry expertise. Our experienced local partners ensure that on-the-ground investigations are conducted efficiently and in compliance with local regulations. Every step of our process is designed to secure legally admissible evidence ready for presentation in court.

Our Experience:

From safeguarding high-value collections to tracing assets through offshore trusts, our proven track record speaks for itself. We prioritise client confidentiality, ethical investigative practices, and developing legally robust cases.

Protect your legacy, uncover hidden assets, and secure your future. Contact us for a confidential consultation on our comprehensive services.

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