Jose Fernandez

Position: Head of Security Division Marbella
Location: Marbella

About Jose Fernandez

Jose Fernandez brings a wealth of specialised security expertise to Conflict International’s Marbella Division. His 27-year career with the Guardia Civil included roles in counterterrorism, royal protection, and investigations. This, combined with his extensive work in customs and immigration, gives him unparalleled insight into security threats and risk management on the Spanish coast.

Professional Background

Jose’s distinguished 27-year career in the Guardia Civil honed his security and investigative expertise. He served in the elite GAR (Rural Anti-Terrorist Group), the Protection Division of ‘Casa Real’, and the Research Division of Mijas, and spent 14 years in the Juvenile Division. After retiring from official duties in 2013, Jose continued his commitment to security as Director of Security and Chief of Security Operations within Customs and Immigration at Malaga Airport.

Project Highlights

  • Successfully directed round-the-clock close protection for a high-net-worth family, ensuring their security within complex threat environments.
  • Led intricate cross-border surveillance operations between Spain and Gibraltar, navigating complex legal landscapes and delivering actionable intelligence.


  • Security
  • Close Protection
  • Surveillance
Jose Fernandez
Contact Information
+44 (0)20 7917 2939