Woman finds listening device in her bed set by her neighbour

A Birmingham woman has spoken out after a neighbour was jailed for stalking her by placing a listening device on the headboard of her bed.

William Nolan, 59, was caught on camera entering the home of neighbour Leigh Jones and attempting to remove devices he had planted after she became suspicious.

Leigh was having dinner with her partner last year when he found a black plastic box strapped to the underside of a coffee table. Mrs Jones then frantically searched her home and found a second listening device taped to the back of her headboard.

She removed both recorders and contacted police but also installed cameras to try and catch who was responsible. Nolan was then later filmed attempting to retrieve the devices that had been removed. He and his wife had lived next door to Leigh Jones for around 30 years and had a key to their neighbour’s property so her cats could be looked after when she was away.

Sentencing Nolan to 15 weeks jail for stalking, a judge at Birmingham Crown Court described the case as one of the most serious stalking offences he had ever seen and criticised the Crown Prosecution Service for choosing a more lenient charge than he would have liked. He said: “You have pleaded guilty to one of the most serious stalking offences I have ever seen. It was in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Putting one on the coffee table was bad enough but putting one on her headboard understandably caused her the most amount of distress imaginable. The safety she felt in her own home was destroyed.”

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