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The security of your company’s data is critical, and Conflict International’s comprehensive and trusted solutions can protect your data and IT infrastructure from a range of potential external and internal threats.

Many companies still believe a firewall and anti-virus software will adequately protect you from threats, but times have moved on and they are only a small part of ensuring your data remains secure.

From pre and post-employment checks to penetration testing – it is now more important than ever that both your procedures and infrastructure are audited and assessed, with any remedial action taken on a timely and controlled basis. That is where Conflict International’s team of experts come in, with a range of specialist services for businesses of almost any size.

Full digital protection of your IT estate

We offer the full Cyber Defender digital protection suite, enabling us to audit, assess and add resilience to your company’s IT estate. This service contains many of the individual elements listed below that are also available as standalone services. 

Our pre and post-employment background checks can be undertaken to support HR in ensuring you are working with the right people. This includes criminality and credit checks, ID verification, social media checks and much more – allowing you to recruit and keep the most suitable candidates for responsible roles.

Conflict’s experienced compliance and legal teams can audit your company’s policies, procedures and best practice to ensure you are able to deliver on your information security objectives. The results of a compliance audit are then followed up by a review with recommendations for improvements, as well as drawing up new draft policies and management of best practice implementation, as required.

We have the ability to conduct high quality deep due diligence on prospective suppliers and/or clients across the U.K. or in multiple jurisdictions. This can be particularly useful if you are likely to be sharing confidential information with third parties in the course of conducting business.

As well as ensuring a safe and secure environment behind the scenes, Conflict International can also undertake practical proactive investigative steps to protect your security. We have decades of experience in carrying out Technical Surveillance Counter Measures; physical bug sweep searches to check whether an area has been compromised plus sweeps of telecommunications to uncover any illicit devices.

Additionally, our CREST certified Penetration Testing can determine whether your IT infrastructure is secure from attack and identify where improvements can be made. This service is invaluable and vastly superior compared to publicly available vulnerability scanning software.

Certified and trusted

Conflict International is certified in the UK to two of the most highly regarded information security standards – ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. Additionally, our Cyber Essentials certification from the UK National Cyber Security Centre offers peace of mind that we ourselves are operating in a secure environment. We are also able to consult with our clients in order that they can gain their own certifications.

Conflict International’s range of specialist Cyber Security services offer not only peace of mind but confidence for you and your clients that their data, and yours, is fully protected.

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