New year brings surge in divorce proceedings

Monday 8th January is labelled as Divorce Day by many lawyers, who see a significant spike in divorce applications following the Christmas period.

It is a time when couples can re-evaluate their relationships and ultimately make life-altering decisions.

More than 113,000 divorces were filed in the UK according to the last available ONS data from 2021. Following the introduction of ‘no-fault’ divorces in April 2022, analysts believe figures could increase further. 

Understanding the Divorce Day Phenomenon

The surge in divorce applications around this time of year is not a mere coincidence. The holiday season, typically a time for joy and togetherness, can accentuate existing marital issues.

The added stress of family gatherings, financial strain, and unmet expectations can push couples to confront the realities of their relationships.

As the new year begins, many see it as an opportunity for a fresh start, prompting an influx of inquiries.

Protecting your interests

If you suspect that marital infidelity is taking place, it is vital to protect your own interests and those of your family by getting to the truth.

Conflict International has decades of experience in  providing covert surveillance and obtaining evidential footage of matrimonial infidelity taking place.

All evidence is compiled in accordance with existing legislation and is legally admissible in any court proceedings. We regularly work with legal teams providing professional and discreet assistance in a variety of matrimonial, infidelity and child custody matters.

Conflict International always works with you on a bespoke basis depending on your exact requirements. This can include compiling a cohabitation report used in Child Support Agency claims, asset reports, background checks and even polygraph testing.

If you are currently without any legal representation we can recommend experienced divorce lawyers both in the UK and internationally.

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