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New background check service can safeguard your brand’s reputation and root out risk

Building a good reputation takes time and once an organisation has made a name for itself, it only takes a second for past indiscretions or ill-judged comments from an employee or member to ruin it. This is especially true for organisations that have exclusivity at the core of their operations. It’s why we have launched a new screening and background check service designed to protect hard-earned, exclusive reputations from harm.

Introducing Elite Verify

Elite Verify, the new screening service line from Conflict International, offers bespoke and comprehensive background checks, tailored to organisations who need to ensure either new hires or new members do not cause any damage further down the line. We specialise in working alongside some of the most exclusive sports clubs, private members clubs, hotels and resorts globally, giving them the confidence that they are hiring employees of the highest calibre and enlisting new members who will upkeep the reputation they have worked hard to uphold.

Comprehensive due diligence conducted by professional investigators

With discreet, professional and high-performing staff integral to the smooth-running of organisations of this nature, background checks by licensed, professional private investigators to confirm individuals are really who they say they are, are of increasing importance. In the same vein, a thorough  check to ensure any incoming members do not have a history that could bring negative press headlines further down the line are of increasing – conducting comprehensive due diligence of this level means you are taking no unnecessary risks with your organisation’s reputation..

How it works

Screening is bespoke to each client and our expert team will use a mixture of intelligence and background checks carried out on your behalf, typically including Criminality Checks, Credit Checks, Civil Record Checks and mandatory Right to Work checks. Our services can also include CV verification, tele-interviews with character referees and social media checks, where required. Our process is fully compliant with applicable laws and regulations and carried out to the highest ethical standards.

As the saying goes, ‘it takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to destroy it.’ Don’t let unscrupulous individuals put your image at risk. 

Commenting on the news, Roger Bescoby, Director of Client Relations, said:

“We are excited to be launching our new product to market and hope it will be a simple and effective solution to longstanding concerns for many high-profile and exclusive organisations. Many have learnt the hard way that to rely on instinct is not enough when hiring and admitting new members; Elite Verify will change the game for those with time-honoured reputations to uphold.”

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