Mike and Roger hit the West Coast

Conflict’s Mike LaCorte and Roger Bescoby recently travelled to the US West Coast to attend the International Luxury Hotel Association’s 10th Conference on Luxury Hospitality. Being the only representatives from the investigations world to attend, it proved to be a valuable opportunity for Conflict to expand their presence in this industry, making some key connections along the way.

Held in Santa Monica, Mike and Roger were able to dust off their beach gear as they headed to the West Coast to learn more about the luxury hospitality industry, and further establish how Conflict can help to eradicate out any difficulties businesses within this sector may face.

Reflecting on the conference, Mike LaCorte said: “Being able to get out there and network in person again after nearly two years was a fantastic experience. It was great to be able to mix with people outside of our industry and communicate to them just how Conflict would be able to benefit their businesses.”

It is no secret that luxury hotels attract high net worth clients from across the globe, for whom privacy and security is an absolute must. The reputational damage these high-end brands could suffer should they fall foul of a privacy breach could be monumental. Conflict are able to provide a bespoke service involving regular TSCM (bug) sweeps, pre-employment checks and general security services to minimise these risks and help provide peace of mind for the biggest names in the luxury hospitality industry.

If you would like to enquire as to how Conflict International can help your business, or are simply intrigued as to the services that we offer, feel free to reach out to our CEO Mike LaCorte on or our Director of Compliance Roger Bescoby on for a no obligation chat.


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