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We sat down with our Accounts Manager Declan Bamber to get the inside scoop on the Pre-Employment side of the company, and delve deeper into exactly what we are able to dig up to stop you hiring candidates with skeletons in their closet.

An area in which Conflict International specialise is our comprehensive Pre-Employment Screening solutions. We are able to tailor and bespoke our service to match the needs of any client, whilst diligently following industry screening standard requirements.

Having joined Conflict just before the world shut down in March 2020, Declan has been stationed in our Newcastle office ever since. He wasted no time in getting down to work, utilising his years of experience in the industry to immediately add another dimension to Conflict’s existing Pre-Employment team.

“It was a strange time to join the company really,” says Dec, “I was not able to meet any of my new colleagues in person so had to resort to getting to know them all through video meetings.”

Since joining the team, Dec has been impressed by the depth Conflict will go to unearth any detail a candidate may not want their future employer to know.

“At Conflict we have got different direct database links and avenues to explore that there really is not anything noteworthy that we would miss. I think these days there is no excuse not to conduct appropriate levels of due diligence when it comes to background checks,” Dec explains. 

“Given high profile examples we have seen in recent months, especially when old social media posts get dug up, I do not think it is worth the risk not carrying out some form of background check on potential and current employees. When the reputation of your company is on the line, I think people would be foolish not to properly investigate who they are employing.”

Whatever industry you find yourself in, it is crucial to ensure the individuals you are hiring have a clear record, enabling you to make the best possible recruitment decision. We are well aware that Pre-Employment checks are often time consuming and monotonous, and we understand that they rarely reveal anything you didn’t already know… But what if they did? Is it really worth that risk?

Allow us at Conflict International to remove this lingering doubt from your head and undertake your Pre-Employment checks for you. Whether you require a one-off check, or you are a large scale multinational looking to run checks on hundreds of potential candidates a month. No job is too big or too small for us.

Please get in touch with Declan Bamber for a no obligation chat to explore where we can help you.


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