Matrimonial divorce investigations: is there a discreet and legal way to uncover your cheating spouse’s secrets?

As 2023 draws to a close and we look ahead to January 2024, we will be entering the phase of the year that many family lawyers believe to be a peak moment for couples to put plans in motion to separate, a trend often put down to the pressures of the holiday season, and a desire to start a new year afresh.

It’s a sad reality that divorce is on the rise – according to the ONS, there was a 9.6% increase in divorce rates in England and Wales from 2020 to 2021. With more divorces taking place, it’s important that couples are aware of the risks and reality to court proceedings.

Of course, though some separations may be amicable and straightforward, when substantial assets and infidelity are involved, matrimonial divorce cases are likely to be more complex and difficult.

In this scenario, it is likely to be both an emotionally and financially taxing process for everyone affected, and one that can also see reputation and careers put at stake. If this is a scenario you find yourself in, it may be time to consider protecting your interests by hiring a private detective to carry out thorough matrimonial divorce investigations.

Above board evidence

According to the ONS, the main reason cited when filing for divorce among both men and women in the UK is unreasonable behaviour, and among women, 8.7% file for divorce because of an affair. The Hollywood trope of infidelity revealed through a careless text or email is often far from the reality, however. For many people, it can be hard to prove the unfaithful behaviour of a spouse without professional support.

It is essential that any evidence of an affair is compiled in accordance with all relevant legislation in order for it to be legally admissible in court proceedings.

We are specialists in supporting family law teams and providing discreet surveillance services in matrimonial and infidelity matters. Our expertise ensures that we carry out our surveillance services with the utmost discretion, and we always make sure that any evidence can be used in court.

How to use surveillance services in matrimonial divorce investigations

The way we approach our work in this area is illustrated in a recent task we successfully completed. We provided services for a US based HNWI client, who suspected her husband was involved in a relationship with a woman in the UK, near to one of his international offices.

The client sourced a date and flight number to the UK and the specialist team of Conflict International private investigators set up at Heathrow. The individual was spotted exiting departures and was met by a driver who took him to central London. After a day spent at his UK business address, the client’s husband boarded a train out of the capital and met with a female, who was later revealed to be an ex-colleague.

Over the next few days, the suspect spent much of his time with this woman and the Conflict team obtained photographic and video imagery of inappropriate contact between the two, which was later presented to the client and used by her law firm in divorce proceedings.

Rely on expert support

Whilst attempting to uncover the activities of an unfaithful partner yourself may be tempting, it’s best to hire a private detective who can use official surveillance services and tailor a specific matrimonial investigation to ensure that if any evidence is found, it can be used in court. With professional support from the Conflict International team, you can also draw on expertise in related areas including asset search, background checks and polygraph tests.

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