I’m being stalked: How ‘Baby Reindeer’ could have been different

The popular Netflix series ‘Baby Reindeer’ delves into the world of stalking, following Donny, a struggling comedian, whose world is turned upside down when a woman’s initial interest spirals into a dangerous and relentless obsession. While the show uses dark comedy to explore this difficult topic, it also sheds light on the isolating nature of stalking and the challenges victims face in getting authorities to take their concerns seriously.

Let’s consider an alternative scenario: What if Donny had professional resources and support to navigate the complexities of stalking? How might this have empowered him to regain control?

Conflict International’s team combines cutting-edge security, strategic legal action, and an understanding of the psychological impact of stalking. We’ll dissect four pivotal scenarios that play out in ‘Baby Reindeer’ to explore how specialised support could have helped Donny reclaim control of his life amidst the Stalker’s relentless pursuit. While this exercise is purely hypothetical, we want to emphasise that the struggle faced by stalking victims is a serious issue, and we hope to illustrate how we can provide a proactive path forward.

Scenario 1: Relentless email bombardment

Stalker’s move:  The Stalker floods Donny’s inbox with hundreds of obsessive and potentially threatening emails.

How we could help: Digital forensic specialists can be deployed to analyse Donny’s devices, gather evidence, and trace the messages back to their source. This would not only assist with identifying the Stalker but also create a comprehensive record of the harassment.

Scenario 2:  Escalating obsession

Stalker’s move: The stalking intensifies; Donny and his connections are targeted via social media. Donny is followed home.

How we could help: To address the escalating threat, we initiate surveillance to gather evidence of the Stalker’s activities, ultimately aiming to identify her and locate her residence and confirm her identity. Should safety concerns arise, covert counter-surveillance measures would be implemented to document the stalker’s actions whilst managing the legal process and collaborating with law enforcement and legal team.

Simultaneously, proactive security measures including CCTV and access control could be put in place to fortify Donny’s home and work routines, significantly reducing his vulnerability. Surveillance may also reveal patterns in the Stalker’s behaviour, enabling us to develop effective strategies to disrupt their tactics and neutralise the threat.

Scenario 3: The Stalker’s ‘bus stop’ surveillance

Stalker’s move: Having befriended Donny’s landlady under false pretences, the Stalker knows where he lives. After being confronted about her deception, she retaliates by positioning herself at the bus stop opposite his house, becoming an unsettling fixture in his daily routine.

How we could help: We discreetly monitor the Stalker’s activities to establish a pattern of behaviour and gather evidence of her presence. We thoroughly document any attempts by the Stalker to interact with or intimidate Donny. Based on our observations, we will provide recommendations to Donny, such as altering his routes or modes of transportation, to disrupt the Stalker’s control and minimise his exposure to her. In parallel, we will collaborate closely with law enforcement and legal counsel to initiate legal proceedings against the Stalker, to secure an injunction to protect Donny from further harassment.

Scenario 4: Violent assault on Donny’s girlfriend

Stalker’s move: Driven by rage, the Stalker physically assaults Donny’s girlfriend, Teri, leaving her injured and traumatised.

How we could help: To support Teri in seeking justice for the assault she experienced at the pub, our priority would be to gather evidence. This may involve interviewing witnesses who observed the incident first-hand and obtaining any relevant CCTV footage from the establishment. This comprehensive approach, combined with the expertise of legal advisors specialising in assault cases, will equip Teri with the strongest possible foundation for pursuing legal action and seeking protective measures.

These scenarios demonstrate the vital role a specialised investigations agency can play in combating stalking. It goes beyond addressing immediate threats; it involves tackling the enduring reputational harm that stalkers inflict. ‘Baby Reindeer’ may be fictional, but these challenges are all too real.

If you or someone you know is experiencing stalking, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. Confidential consultations are available to assess your situation and discuss potential solutions. Please contact us for no-obligation assistance.


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