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Social Media Court Case

How private is your ‘private’ social media account?

The power of social media.

Over the years we have witnessed the major influence, power and control social media holds on society. Evolving into a dictator, we can see this in the way traditional industries operate. As an account holder, you have the choice to post what you want, when you want. You even have the power to choose whether your posts are private or public. However, it is safer to assume that whether your profile is public or private, nothing on the internet is private.

Once it’s out there, it can be used against you.

Anything posted on social media can be used as evidence. The rules apply to both the UK and US courts. If it’s out there, it’s public. For lawyers, just having simple access to a social media account could make or break a case.

However, there is the potential for a mischaracterisation. A client could appear guilty and capable of a crime just by what they post online.

In some cases, a client could even incriminate themselves. Largent v. Reed is a court case that demonstrates this. The defendant claimed she sustained an injury from a recent accident. Therefore, due to the effects on her physical and mental health, she was unable to carry out usual daily activities. However, photos posted on the defendant’s Facebook page, show otherwise. This resulted in the court ordering the defendant to hand over her Facebook login details for further investigation. Largent v.Reed is a prime example of how we lose power over our posts once they are out into the world.

Did I really say that?!

Social media is a quick and convenient means of communication with our friends and our loved ones, but it can have severe and damaging effects. ‘Comments’ or even ‘likes’ from the past can come back to haunt you or your business.

Conflict International have recently expanded our services and are able to offer our clients social media checks. This is an entirely software driven service, the algorithms and filters we apply have been created by eminent psychologists. Thus ensuring no human or unconscious bias.

The Conflict Social Media software allows us to examine an individual’s social media pages. We then effectively “cleanse” the content by highlighting comments that could be seen as less than desirable. We can alsooffer the service to businesses who have a brand to protect, by offering the service to their workforce to ensure nothing is out there that could damage reputations. 

Conflict Social Media is a highly valuable tool when hiring new staff. Our Pre-Employment team have now adopted the software as an additional level of screening.  

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