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enforcing restrictive covenants

Enforcing restrictive covenants – sometimes the gloves need to come off…

Conflict International are the experienced turn to specialists in restrictive covenants enforcement investigations.

As a company owner, few things invoke more fury or distress than staff dishonesty and disloyalty.

Add to the equation a key person leaving your business to set up in competition, often in breach of restrictive covenants, then the time comes to box clever. Also known as someone breaking their restrictive covenants agreement.

Round one will typically be to consult your lawyers and the issuing of a cease and desist notice. This will typically warn that if the recipient does not discontinue specified conduct, or take certain actions by a certain date, they may be sued.

All well and good, but if a party is determined to go it alone, taking a slice of your business and it’s intellectual property with him or her, you need hard solid evidence of a clear breach. Anybody who has been there knows, in reality it’s often incredibly difficult to land the final knockout blow.

So, how do you get the towel thrown in?

Working nationally and internationally we have the expertise and resources to get you compliantly out of the box, often using ultra discreet covert surveillance, to obtain irrefutable evidence of a breach.

Speak to us today about how, with Conflict International in your corner, things rarely need to go the distance.

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