Do your internal pre-employment checks fit the Bill?

In 2006, new national guidelines were introduced setting out the rules required for vetting in the Police service. You will therefore be surprised to learn that 15 years later, over one quarter of UK Police forces are still falling short of these guidelines.

It beggars belief that at a time when the police are under such intense levels of scrutiny there are still gaps in their vetting process. Whilst it would be naïve to make a direct comparison to the high-profile events of last summer, the action of rogue officers clearly highlights the need for regular, thorough scrutiny for those that work in such a position of trust.

No matter how high profile your institution, carrying out robust pre-employment checks in this day and age is a must. Not only is it mindful to carry out checks on all new employees, it is proactive to re-check all existing employees on a regular basis.

Many of the organisations that we already carry out Pre-Employment checks for, have significantly less public service responsibility than the police. That being said, they would still not let their applicants past first base without adequate tests being passed. For something that is not difficult to address, you do have to question why Police forces across this country are not doing more to amend this glaring chink in their armour.

If you think you are currently missing a trick when it comes to screening applicants for your company, allow us to take this responsibility away from you. We specialise in the delivery of an adaptable, reliable, accurate and cost-effective service to meet the needs of your organisation and adhere to industry screening standards.

Conflict International provide a user-friendly secure platform, allowing both yours and your applicants data to be transferred securely. Our platform is fully GDPR (UK) compliant and adheres to all regulations surrounding the retention and removal of data. We will also provide you with a support team for any other needs or guidance throughout the screening process. All our results and findings will be published in a concise, easy to follow report.

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