Conflict offers fully global marine-based technical surveillance

Conflict International is one of very few organisations capable of providing professional and experienced marine based TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures) on a fully global basis.

Our multi-lingual teams, drawn mostly from military intelligence backgrounds, have been supplying discreet technical inspection services to global organisations and high-net-worth individuals for over 20 years.

We regularly provide technical surveillance sweep services to yachts, superyachts, private aircraft, prestige homes and offices. Because we work almost exclusively in the high-net-worth arena, we are fully experienced and uniquely alert to detecting threats that arise when an eavesdropper may have unlimited budgets.

We only invest in and utilise Government Grade scanning and search equipment. This ensures our clients the ultimate in all aspects of data and audio/visual security risk.

We know that marine security presents unique risk challenges, with vessels becoming particularly vulnerable to electronic intrusion during build and refit and also via the often perpetual rotation of crew.

Our services offer a unique USP for Yacht Management companies when chartering to security conscious individuals or organisations. Our services are fully certificated for Ship Log purposes upon conclusion, ensuring an electronically sterile environment for meetings and gatherings.

Conflict International’s TSCM services also dovetail perfectly with our pre-employment checks to ensure total peace of mind.

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