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Conflict International launches first of its kind social screening service

New, deep background checking product, Social Media Check Plus helps individuals clean up their social media footprint

After noting a huge spike in demand for more in-depth preemployment screening and background investigations, Conflict International have developed a first of its kind product that can undertake integrated social media searches which can be used by individuals concerned by their social media history or employers looking to improve their due diligence.  

Developed by an expert team of psychologists, Social Media Check Plus is a first-of-its-kind tool that can help businesses and individuals safeguard their reputation. Using a rapid, algorithm-based solution, the system flags all untoward content into a private report. With its unique integration feature, the tool conducts thorough searches of private profiles on no less than six major global channels including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Once granted consent, the system audits all live social profiles and flags content related to extremism, negative sentiment, hate speech, violent images, potential nudity, profanity and toxic language.

With teachers added to the list of professions being asked to provide social media handles when applying for jobs at schools earlier this year, preemployment screening is being taken to the next level. Businesses are becoming aware of how their employees’ social media activity can damage carefully curated reputations. Social Media Check Plus allows businesses to ensure their employees are squeaky clean and that their past doesn’t jeopardise reputations. Individuals can also use it to protect themselves from unfavourable historic content.

Commenting on the initiative, Roger Bescoby, Director of Compliance & Development, Conflict International, said:
“Employee (mis)behaviour on social media, no matter how historic, can have a direct and damaging bearing on a company’s image. Businesses want to improve their pre employment screening measures and this will become a key part of the due diligence toolkit.”

Declan Bamber, Head of Pre-Employment, Conflict International added: Given most people who have social media accounts are likely to forget what they wrote five or ten years ago, both individuals and businesses can utilise this consensual service as part of their due diligence. We see this as a service that can be harnessed as a collaborative tool that allows employers and individuals to work together to identify red flags.”

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