‘CEO’ of failed crypto fund exposed as a fake

Online sleuths have revealed a British man posing as the CEO of a failed crypto fund was a fake.

Hyperverse, which is said to have cost clients in the US more than $1.3bn in 2022 alone, presented a CEO named Steven Reece Lewis when it launched in 2021.

The video also boasted of a range of his qualifications. However, it has now been revealed that the ‘CEO’ shown presenting during the launch and in further promotional material was a British freelance TV presenter living in Thailand who was paid to read a script.

Steven Harrison has apologised and confirmed he was hired by the company who paid him the equivalent of £4000 and a free suit for the role.

Harrison told the Guardian Australia: “I am sorry for these people because they believed some idea with me at the forefront and believed in what I said, and God knows what these people have lost. And I do feel bad about this.”

Harrison claims he was also unsure whether the role was genuine but says he was reassured by his agent. “I went away and I actually looked at the company because I was concerned that it could be a scam. So I looked online a bit and everything seemed OK, so I rolled with it.”

Comments online as far back as two years ago from some raised suspicions about the identity of ‘Steven Reece Lewis’, however thousands of people were still persuaded to invest in the fund which promised high returns but ultimately resulted in massive losses.

Avoid crypto fund scams with proper due diligence

Any large investment should be accompanied by a thorough check on who you are investing with. 

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