BS102000:2018-Is your Private Investigator up to industry standards?

What is the importance of acquiring the BS102000:2018?

The BS102000:2018 dictates the investigation industry standards Code of Practice for the provision of investigative services. It is both overseen and awarded by the British Standards Institute. The accreditation allows private investigators to demonstrate accountability and commitment to excellence in practice. It also allows responsible organisations to differentiate themselves from other supposed professionals who may engage in unscrupulous activity. 

Achieving the BS102000:2018 requires a huge commitment and demonstrability of good practice on behalf of the holder. It is just one of several Codes of Conduct that we have adopted at Conflict International. Other examples are those dictated by the WAD and ABI.

When hiring a private investigator, what should you look for?

Investigators remain unregulated in the UK, unlike in most other EU States. As a result, responsible agencies must choose to self-regulate to demonstrate commitment to ethical and professional operations. The BS102000:2018 is now the accepted industry standards benchmark. Therefore, when hiring a private investigator, it is important to look for this accreditation. 

Unfortunately, as Parliament have not passed any form of regulation, anyone can still create a private investigator company. The BS102000:2018 is the only dedicated current standard in our sector, therefore when considering engaging with a private investigation organisation it is important to look for such accreditations.

Why did Conflict International feel it was necessary to acquire the BS102000:2018?

Conflict International are proud to work with a blue chip and high-profile client base. Understanding and respecting the needs and requirements of our esteemed clients is therefore of the upmost importance. Remaining committed to providing an unparalleled level of professionalism is our company ethos. We have a global reach with local knowledge. We have extensive knowledge in our industry, many of our investigators all hold exemplary backgrounds in the military and police services. That is all good and well to note, however only by achieving independently recognised accreditations can our claims be ratified.

Without demonstrating why your company is reputable, there cannot be any faith or trust in the ability to effectively provide a service. Consistency and transparency lead to trust and loyalty. At Conflict International, we find our clients trust us, as we ensure we remain committed to investigative excellence. We have become industry leaders because we ensure we operate both ethically and legally. Our reputation is as important to us as it is to our client’s brand. 

We pledge to continue to work towards acquiring any such further accreditations that may help to re-affirm and enhance our professional standards for our clients. 

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