99% of the Twitter accounts suspended following Euros were not anonymous.

Twitter confirms abusive tweets following the Euros final were mainly from UK accounts.

Twitter has confirmed that 99% of accounts suspended during Euro 2020 were not anonymous. Twitter’s data analysis suggested that an ID verification function for accounts would have been unlikely to prevent the abuse from happening. Twitter have confirmed that 99% of the accounts permanently suspended were identifiable. 

Twitter’s data analysis also confirmed that despite the abuse being worldwide, the largest country of origin for abusive tweets came from the UK. In the days that followed, Twitter confirmed violative content was removed as it was posted to the platform. By the July 14th, 1,961 tweets had been removed proactively, with a total of 126 removed from reports.

In addition, data from the UK Football Policing Unit confirmed that of the 207 social media posts deemed to be criminal, 34 posts originated from accounts in the UK and 123 posts originated in other countries. 

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