Man claims to catch cheating girlfriend on viral video

A video by a man from the US has gone viral after he claimed to have caught his girlfriend cheating on him using a secret camera.

The anonymous man posted videos on TikTok after he said he had suspicions that his girlfriend of six years had been cheating for some time. He bought an innocent looking USB charging block that contained a secret camera which was plugged into the kitchen of their home.

The results have now been viewed more than five million times, showing what he claimed to be his now former girlfriend Ashley with another man.


Rule ##1: If your girl’s name is Ashley.. run. Link in bio if you want to catch a cheater. ##cheater ##toxic ##cheatersgettingcaught

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The man, posting under the name @Mrsurveillance, has received many supportive comments for his actions although the use of easy to find devices can raise legitimate issues if they are used to spy on others with hostile intent, such as in a domineering or abusive relationship.

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