Introducing David Johnson

David Johnson is Conflict International’s Business Development Manager in the US and utilizes his extensive experience to make sure our clients achieve their objectives when calling on us for help.

“Getting to the root of what the client needs and developing problem-solving techniques are key to what we do,” David says. “I make it personable; I empathise and try to really understand what the client is going through and then I try to find the best approach we can take to solve their issue.”

Before joining Conflict International, David worked in Manhattan as a financial consultant, helping people manage their financial and investment portfolios. Previously, he spent eight years in the United States Army Special Forces and was a Green Beret.

“A lot of my experience was working in the intelligence community; I had a lot of opportunity to work with different agencies within the US Government and other governments focused on intelligence gathering and counter surveillance techniques. This helped me work with people in the intelligence community and find out how those practices are put into place.”

Networking proved vital in both the Army and in the financial world and David now moulds the combined experience of both elements of his career into his current role at Conflict International.

He says: “I think the biggest thing that Conflict International offers is a one-stop solution for every service. If someone comes to me and says that they need an investigation done, what I really like to do it is weave through that and break it down to determine exactly what the client needs. We have a massive toolbox of services we can reach into. An investigation may only be one part of that, it may also include surveillance or preparing reports for court.”

“Additionally, the ability for us to tap into our own huge international network of investigators massively expands our footprint and enables us to really service our clientele on an international basis. A lot of investigators in the US are limited to operating in one particular state where they are licensed whereas Conflict International are able to cross borders and get into countries through our network of established and trusted investigators in most parts of the world.”

A thread running through David’s career is a desire to help. “I’ve always had it when I was in the military and even moving into the finance world, I’ve always had this innate desire to reach out and help people. So, I feel when people come to me for help in their personal situations, I really feel this desire that I can help, and I love the feeling that what I am doing is helping that person achieve their goal.”

To discover how David Johnson can help you or your company with a particular case or to find out more about the services we provide in the United States, please contact David in confidence on +1 212 710 5919 or email


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