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Millions of sub-standard face masks seized at Heathrow

Millions of sub-standard face masks and thousands of fake hand sanitisers have been seized at Heathrow Airport since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to London Trading Standards.

They say 2.25 million did not comply with safety standards with a further 4.25 million needing label amendments before being allowed into the country after carrying either false claims or being accompanied by fake safety certificates.

LTS also say Border Force teams seized 8,000 bottles of fake hand sanitiser, marked with brands Andrex and Comfort.

London Trading Standards Operations Director, Stephen Knight, said: “There has been a surge in firms attempting to import sub-standard face masks, many with false labelling or faked safety certificates. Trading standards teams are being pragmatic in seeking to let these important goods through, once misleading labelling is removed, and the necessary safety compliance can be shown. However, we will continue to protect consumers from unsafe goods.”

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