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Asset tracing benefiting from remote working

Many aspects of life have been affected by the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but some aspects of asset tracing may have become easier due to remote working.

An article for US-based Law360.com has picked up on an area where Conflict International is already flourishing, in streamlining asset investigations by making most of electronic data and video technology.

Travel across many parts of the world has been seriously disrupted meaning in-person investigations have been curtailed. We are often still able to engage professional investigators working within their native countries through our global network, but increasingly we are able to combine investigations on the ground with the ability to gain intelligence from sources virtually via secure video links.

Although there is often no substitute for an in-person meeting, the opportunities presented by carrying out these interviews through a video call can save the client valuable time and money.

Additionally many cases are now being held up due to courts not operating fully, giving investigators more time to gather pre-litigation evidence for a case.

Conflict International’s investigative and surveillance techniques help track assets and to whom they are registered, whether individuals, companies or corporations. We liaise with authorities and legal officials from the start of the investigation enabling us to compile a detailed report in preparation for any court proceedings.

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