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fake testing kits

Is your PPE or testing kit fake?

Care providers and NHS procurement managers are reported to be spending valuable time ruling out dubious suppliers of PPE and testing kits to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some unscrupulous suppliers are either charging way over the odds for genuine kit or, more worryingly, are passing on fake protective equipment to care homes desperate for more stock.

Healthcare providers are being bombarded with offers of PPE and kits for testing whether patients or residents have the virus, but a UK wholesaler quoted by the Daily Mail claimed that up to 95% of the products being offered are either fake or below the required standard. The British Standards Institution has also been notified of a large number of false certificates in circulation, claiming to meet BSI standards but which are actually fake.

Shahm Barhom, Group Product Certification Director at BSI said: “We’re urging anyone who is purchasing personal protective equipment to be vigilant – particularly given the increased need we’re seeing at present. If the safety equipment that is being purchased is supported by a certificate that appears to have been issued by BSI, we strongly recommend checking its validity first.” The BSI has a database enabling anyone to check whether the certificate is genuine and are urging potential customers to visit the online checker before purchasing.

In what is clearly a stressful time for those charged with procuring testing kits and personal protective equipment, Conflict International is here to help.

We have extensive experience in uncovering counterfeiting for companies who need to protect their intellectual property. These types of checks can also be invaluable for you if you need to validate a company offering you products. We can check the background of companies and individuals to make sure they are who they claim to be, allowing you to order what you need with confidence.

Throughout this COVID-19 outbreak we are able to offer many of our services at a reduced rate as we are committed to helping you stay safe and secure.

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