Is company data secure when working from home?

With much of the workforce now working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, is your company’s data secure?

#WFH is trending on social media as millions of employees have either been encouraged or instructed to work from home. This can create significant challenges for company IT systems in terms of ensuring their company data is secure.

The National Cyber Security Centre is already reporting an increase in cyber attacks and phishing scams in order to access data while doubts have been raised about the security of some popular video conferencing software used by many of us, including the UK Government.

Conflict’s expert Cyber Security team is working closely with companies who need to keep their data secure while employees are working from home. So here are some useful tips to make sure your employees can keep your sensitive data confidential.

  • Change default passwords on your Wi-Fi router at home to prevent hackers accessing your network.
  • Use strong and unique passwords on every device as well as enabling two factor authorisation where possible.
  • Keep all operating systems, devices and apps up to date with the latest software patches.
  • Avoid using wi-fi hotspots as data is often unsecure.
  • Don’t allow use of untrusted third party systems for sharing files. This includes using unprotected video conferencing software.

You should also remember that data can be accessed in more traditional ways through theft so devices should be secured when not in use and securely password protected to limit their usefulness if stolen. It is also easy to forget that some data that has been printed out can find its way into household waste unless there are measures in place to make sure any sensitive data is shredded.

Conflict International’s Cyber Security team can check the security of your infrastructure with a Penetration Test. We specialise in protecting you from external threats but also making sure your confidential information remains confidential.

Throughout this COVID-19 outbreak we are able to offer many of our services at a reduced rate as we are committed to helping you stay safe and secure.

Further details about specific services we can provide during the pandemic can be found here.

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