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Monday 8th January is labelled as Divorce Day by many lawyers, who see a significant spike in divorce applications following the Christmas period. It is a time when couples can re-evaluate their relationships and ultimately make life-altering decisions. More than 113,000 divorces were filed in the UK according to the last available

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) recently reported a staggering £92m was lost last year to online dating scams. Even more shockingly, it is likely that the true figure is much larger, with police fearing that many people are simply too ashamed to admit their error, instead choosing to keep

Fraud can be emotional as well as financial - and sometimes even both at the same time, especially when a catfish is involved. Research into millions of online dating profiles showed that 10% of new profiles created were fake. So when you 'swipe right', how can you make sure the person is genuine? Romance

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