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Fraud is continually evolving, with AI voice scams coming out of the woodwork as fraudsters employ more sophisticated tactics. Our Director of Client Relations, Roger Bescoby, shared his thoughts on the rising issue with Business Reporter, advising businesses on their options should they fall victim.

New business division offers screening services including politically exposed persons checks We are delighted to announce the launch of our new business division, Conflict International Screening. Building on Conflict International’s extensive experience, CI Screening offers screening services spanning social media, pre-employment and remote working checks, as well as further tailored checks for

Discovering an employee is not who they say they are, or has damning social media posts online, can be detrimental to business reputation. Writing for HRreview, Our Director of Compliance and Development, Roger Bescoby, highlights why pre-employment checks are now essential due diligence for businesses and highlights how a Private

Some sectors are more vulnerable to fraud than others and protecting customers in these highly regulated industries is vital. Speaking to The Times Raconteur, our CEO, Mike LaCorte, highlights the real risk of data theft to these industries. He explains that it is not only the initial asset theft that

What happens when you've paid a fraudulent invoice? It's more common than you might think, explains our CEO, Mike LaCorte, in answer to a query in Financial Times. Following fraud, there are multiple steps you should take to alert your bank and maximise your chances of getting the funds back. Ultimately,

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