Mike LaCorte gives tips on how to avoid scams

Mike LaCorte gives tips on how to avoid scams

Conflict International CEO, Mike LaCorte, appeared on the Answers Network podcast with valuable advice on how to avoid investment scams. Mike shares not only the mechanics behind these deceitful practices but also practical advice for fortifying your financial defences. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out, this episode is an essential guide to […]

Mike LaCorte appears on PI Perspectives podcast

Mike LaCorte appears on PI Perspectives podcast

Conflict International CEO, Mike LaCorte was a guest on the PI Perspectives Podcast this week. PI Perspectives is a weekly podcast run by the successful Private Investigator Matt Spaier. Mike was joined on this week’s instalment by Alex Urbelis, Scot Walker and Wes Bearden as they discuss the rapid rise of Artificial Intelligence and the […]

Conflict’s US team to appear on PI Perspectives podcast

pi perspectives

Two senior members of Conflict International’s US team will be appearing on the next edition of the PI Perspectives podcast. Mike Tapling, VP of US Operations and Joseph Hill, VP of US Technical Operations will talk to host Matthew Spaier about their roles in Conflict as well as their Alive Shooter teaching qualifications and what […]

Conflict’s Mike Tapling co-hosts Answers Network podcast

answers network

On Monday 5 September 2022, Conflict’s Vice President of US Operations, Mike Tapling, will co-host the Answers Network podcast, alongside Allen Cardoza. The Answers Network podcast is a nationally recognised show with appearances from guests who are leaders in the fields of psychology, treatment, education, humanities, health, and a range of general issues affecting the […]

Conflict’s David Johnson featured in new podcast


Conflict International’s US Business Manager, David Johnson, is featured in the latest edition of the PI Perspectives podcast available now. In the special show to mark Veteran’s Day, David talks about his time serving with the US Army Special Forces and the transition to his investigative business role at Conflict. The podcast can be found […]

Open Source Intelligence – it’s surprising what you can find

riot shields

Sky News has published a fascinating podcast going behind the scenes of one of their shared Open Source investigations. It tells the story of how the broadcaster collaborated with The Guardian, Bellingcat and Lighthouse Reports to investigate the UK arms trade and go on to reveal that Russian special forces are using sniper rifles from […]