Matrimonial Surveillance and Investigation

The client approached us with concerns as to whether her husband was behaving inappropriately. His work pattern had recently changed and he would regularly ignore his phone, especially during lunch breaks and after work. His business partner and lifelong friend had recently divorced and was now living a very active single life.

The husband was a successful businessman with multiple outlets around the West End of London and business interests throughout Europe and South America. He travelled frequently, generally every week or other week with no fixed pattern or routine.

Our objective was to document whether the husband was indeed behaving inappropriately and to report back to his wife.


It was agreed that we would mount a covert surveillance team to monitor the husband’s movements over periods where there was a window of opportunity for him to behave inappropriately. These opportunities were narrowed down to random lunchtimes and after work periods when he was known to be in the office, a corporate black tie event where his wife was not attending, and two known scheduled business trips he was due to travel to.

A blanket surveillance coverage of these times would allow enough opportunity to assess the husband’s behaviour and to draw a conclusive report of our findings.


Our surveillance team was deployed for the following exercises:

  1. The known work address of the husband with a view to cover his movements throughout the day especially during lunch.
  2. The private Black Tie event he was due to attend after work one evening
  3. During a business trip to Switzerland
  4. During a business trip to South America

[OSI] Open Source Intelligence

OSI and database searches are an extremely useful tool to assist any investigation, especially a ‘live case’ where quick intelligence may be key to making a decision on the ground. Our back office staff have access to numerous databases and their support complements any live operation.


  1. During the live surveillance, the husband visited the same private holistic massage parlour. Back office conducted Open Source Intelligence and database checks and found that he was linked to the one female director of this known parlour. She happened to be a previous girlfriend and he was still supporting the business. His wife was completely unaware of this fact. There was no physical relationship identified.
  2. The subject attended a private Black Tie event as per his wife’s information. OSI searches could not find out any information about this event whatsoever. Field enquiries were conducted at the event and our investigators managed to find out that it was hosted by a well-known Sheikh who turned out to be the husband’s client. No inappropriate activity took place here.
  3. Surveillance was mounted on the husband who flew to Switzerland with his business associate. We found out that they later sent their flash sports cars over. The business partner hired two expensive call girls to spend the weekend with them. No visible business took place during this trip. The husband and friend spent their time with the call girls. However, the husband was not sighted behaving inappropriately with the call girls. Both call girls stayed in the business partner’s room overnight while the husband slept alone.
  4. The husband was placed under surveillance on his trip to South America. Placing a surveillance team on a subject travelling is a difficult task and needs the correct planning in order for it to be both successful and productive. The husband again travelled with his business partner. During this trip, he was observed in meetings with lawyers. We understood from the meetings, that he was buying property (again without the wife’s knowledge). He was observed drinking heavily at a lunch meeting with lawyers and subsequently made a drunken pass at the female lawyer. She handled the situation professionally and nothing further happened. The husband was so intoxicated that he passed out in the hotel room at 7pm. The business partner was left alone for the evening.


During the course of surveillance, the husband was assessed as being ‘faithful’ to his wife. However, he did not disclose certain facts both in his personal and business life.

Current Status

The wife never mentioned her findings to the husband and they continue to live relatively happy lives together. She understands that he wants his time and during his time he isn’t involved with any other women.

The business partner’s recent divorce has led him to change the way he behaves and this had put slight pressure on the husband to follow. However, in this case, he did not succumb to behaving inappropriately and his wife was content with the final result.


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