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May 2023

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Discovering an employee is not who they say they are, or has damning social media posts online, can be detrimental to business reputation. Writing for HRreview, Our Director of Compliance and Development, Roger Bescoby, highlights why pre-employment checks are now essential due diligence for businesses and highlights how a Private

Conflict International’s CEO, Mike LaCorte was invited by Special Agent Terrence Fox to speak at the 2nd quarter partner meeting of the North Carolina Information Sharing and Analysis Centre (ISAAC) this week. At the meeting, Mike spoke about Private Sector International Investigations and private/public sector synergies in investigations. In the UK

“SMS phishing” scams – AKA “smishing scams” are nothing new, but they are getting more common and, in some cases, more convincing. Typically, the messages appear to come from a legitimate, trusted organisation: HMRC, your bank or mobile phone provider, for instance. While some examples of these scams are ridiculous, such

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