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December 2023

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Christmas parties bring people together to celebrate the season, however amid the joy there is always a potential risk of third parties attending as uninvited guests and gathering information. These might include individuals seeking to exploit the relaxed atmosphere for various purposes, such as corporate espionage or identity theft. To guard against

Cargo crime is rising on UK roads, with the international transportation theft of “Goods in Transit” swiftly becoming one of the more common crimes against haulage operators and suppliers. Evidence suggests that logistics companies are falling behind the curve when it comes to dealing with the ever more elaborate scams being

Complex scams are continuing to hit the headlines in the UK, with the Financial Ombudsman service reporting a rise in complaints, particularly involving investments and cryptocurrency. In essence, a complex scam is a scheme involving the features of more than one scam. This could see an individual duped by a fraudster posing as

Fraud is continually evolving, with AI voice scams coming out of the woodwork as fraudsters employ more sophisticated tactics. Our Director of Client Relations, Roger Bescoby, shared his thoughts on the rising issue with Business Reporter, advising businesses on their options should they fall victim.

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